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How Can We Fix Deforestation?
How Can We Fix Deforestation?
Short/Long Term Affects
Legislative Action
Rainforest Artwork!
Coloring Book

There are many ways to alleviate deforestation, but here are some of the main ways to get rid of deforestation. One way is that it is ruining the environment. Also, deforestation is killing species habit, which will cause them to die out. Another way is that they are trying to get other countries involved to stop cutting down trees. When deforestation is happening the climate will change. This will cause changes in the atmosphere, ozone etc. In fact, many of the foods that people eat are from the rainforest so if it gets cut down this will cause the food to die out and not grow. Other ways to get rid of it is reduce your paper and wood computation. In conclusion, this is how deforestation can be alleviate.

There are many steps that aren’t being taken that should be taken. One step is that they should see what the people want deforestation. Also, another step that should be taken is that they should realize that they are killing the environment and if this doesn’t stop is will just get increasing worse. Another step that should be taken is that it is ruining the harvest of crops, which could make some people starve. All in all, these are the steps that
should be taken that aren’t.

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