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Misconception Interview
How Can We Fix Deforestation?
Short/Long Term Affects
Legislative Action
Rainforest Artwork!
Coloring Book

     Many of the teachers and students we interviewed had conflicting opinions upon the environment. For example Mr. Cavanaugh said he’s not willing to sacrifice for the environment; however Mr. Vasta and Mr. Connolly said it was important to recycle and take care of the environment. There was a case like this for the students as well. Chris Katseroubas said he did not care about the environment, whereas Chris Perry and JJ said the environment needs to be taken care of. The teachers also seemed to know a little less than the students. This maybe because the students are currently studying the subject. Mr. Connolly is an exception to knowing less on ecology because he teaches the subject. We found that for both the teachers and the students, their career and age affected their opinions on the topic of ecology. An example of how career may affect their opinion is the different answers given by the teachers. An example of how age might affect their opinion is Chris Katseroubas is younger than the rest of the students and knows less on the topic. Therefore his answers will be less developed. As shown many factors contributed to the different answers given by the students and teachers. Overall there was no general view of how we should or should not protect the environment. Some of the people we interviewed such as Mr. Cavanaugh and Chris Katseroubas believed conservation and recycling is unneeded, whereas JJ, Mr.Connolly, Mr. Vasta, and Chris Perry believed conservation and recycling is needed in preserving the Earth.


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